Agile MBD Enabled

by Centralized Management and
Rule-Based Intelligence

The combination of UniPhi’s centralized management and rule-based intelligence enables agile model-based development, even with the most complex systems. This intelligent, easy-to-use tool enables real-time validation, easy collaboration, custom rule checking, automated error-free integration, and more. Build, test, and simulate with confidence. What does this mean? Solve real problems, quickly. Embrace change without fear. Rapid iterative development. A competitive advantage.

Q: Are you managing multiple Simulink projects or system variants?

Q: Do you need to bring various teams together?

Q: Are you looking to verify your model and make certain it will interface well with other models?

Learn more about how the new features of our UniPhi product can streamline all of this. UniPhi’s intelligence and error-free integration

• will help you manage complexity and

• ramp-up functional safety efforts with absolute confidence.

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What Customers Are Saying

Ford Motor Company
“Results right out of the gate.”

MSD Performance Products
“We love the additional time we now have to work on the things that we never had time for.”

Hyundai Motor Company
“We achieve progressively shorter development times…SimuQuest provides a one-stop solution.”


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